Wednesday, 19 December 2012

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Settai is the remake of hindi movie Dilli Belli. Arya is doing the male lead and HAnsika and Anjali sharing the female roles. In the beginning the first lead place was given to Anjali and later it has been turnen to Hansika.Because of this Anjali got anger but she is unable to show it straight away. There are few scenes which includes Hansika and Anjali. While doing this shoot is Hansika makes late Anjali gets irritated and she says will be back in one hour and she leaves. She will not be back for that day’s shoot.

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Anjali today visited the main showroom of Prince Jewelry for their lauch of the their Prince Forever Mark jewels.The actress was seen bright in a Rose Skirt in a happy mood.Later the Chief personality of Prince Jewelry presented a ring by putting himself in Anjali's finger and surprised her

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Known for hard work, simple in attitudes Anaji Nagaraj finding good prospects in ‘Bheema Thiradalli’ Kannada cinema is now up to another record in ‘One Shot Cinema’.It is Aravind Kaushik director of ‘Nam Areyal Ondina’ and ‘Tuglak’ who has put in complete effort in the last one and half years to make ‘One shot cinema’. All the characters are ready with rehearsals. They enact and that is stored in just two hours and fifteen minutes.

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The point is that the shoot will be held in the duration of screening of the film. Aravind Kaushik is deploying 2RED cameras, five 5D cameras and another high quality camera. The first shot begins at 7.30 am tomorrow ends at 9.45 am in the morning. For this on floor rehearsal was made for one week. Months of rehearsals were held prior to it.Anaji Nagaraj is also one of the cameramen of his film. Roopika is the female lea. Ravishanker, Ajith, Sathya, Chetan Chandra – all known faces in Kannada films are in the cast. Kailash, Raghu Shimoga, Achyuth are also in the cast. Prasad and Safety Prakash are key operators of the camera. Arjun Janya has scored two songs. They are choreographed by Devanand.

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